Privacy Policy

Our company always takes protection and security seriously. And we completely understand that every customer wants his personal data and information to be safe. That is why we want you to know more about our Privacy Policy. That is how you will be able to know more about how we use and contain the personal information that you provide!

Our mission in this case is to provide good protection of your personal information. And that is why we use different protocols to do it. First of all, our Privacy Policy meets all the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation. It is one of the most important things which is connected to the security of your data. 

The next thing you should know is that we contain your personal information under protection. First of all, we use special databases and servers under high-tech encryption. And also you should know that our security network also uses modern protection software. All our services also support SSL Version 3 which is also one of the modern protection software!

We also think that you should know the information we collect. You should also know that we collect your personal information for personal identification. The list of data that we collect can include your name, surname, phone number, and email. We also collect information about residency. We also need to store some of your payment data such as the payment information and transaction history. You should also remember that we can collect information about your preferences on our website, and your feedback on our services. All this information is actually common for websites and you should not worry about it because it will be under protection.  All the information is also collected according to the legislation of your state!

You should also know about third-party websites and relationships. First of all, we can not protect the personal information that you provide to other websites that link to our services. Or when you provide personal data to third-party websites in compliance with our affiliate program. The main point here is that these websites are not owned by our company. And that is why we can not ensure the protection. In this case, your personal information is collected according to the Privacy Policy of these particular websites.

We also take the protection of minors seriously. Our services are not provided to people who are under 18 years old. And that is why you will need to confirm that you are of an appropriate age during the registration. You should also know that sometimes we will need to make an additional confirmation of this fact.

You should also know for what we collect your personal information and how it will be used. First of all, it is necessary information to provide you with our services. The next point is that we also need your personal information to provide you with the ability to make online transactions and payments. We also can analyze your preferences to provide you with promo offers on our website and also with promo offers from our partners. We also sometimes can provide our trusted partners with your personal information. But we take this process seriously and that is why all our partners also have a high level of security!

We also collect your data to prevent illegal activity on our website. This point includes money laundering and financing terrorism. Our company has a strong position against this activity. And that is why we also collect the personal information of our customers. It will help us to prevent money laundering through our website and we will be able to prevent it. To do it we will need to analyze the personal information that you provide!

Our company does not share your personal information with other companies which are not associated with us. If you will give us permission then we can share this information with our partners. But there are some cases when we can share your information. For example, when it is required by law or when we believe in good faith in these actions. For example, if the customer makes illegal or fraudulent actions on our website then we can share his information with other gambling websites, banks and special agencies, and law enforcement authorities. 

On our website, you will also face Cookie Files which are also known as Cookies. We use them for certain purposes and they are also connected with your personal information. Cookies help us with monitoring our website. On top of that, these files also make it easier to analyze your preferences on our website. You also should not worry because Cookies can’t be used to access your device. Cookies are also used to provide you with up-to-date and interesting advertisements. 

On our website, you will also be able to choose what to do with Cookies, and it also depends on your browser settings. You can accept all of them, block all of them, delete all of them, and delete them when the browser is closed. But you should also know that there are necessary Cookies on our website. We use them to provide you with the ability to access secured areas on the website and also to provide you with the ability to make online transactions.

In general, collecting your personal information is a necessary process on our website, and that is why you should always read the article about Privacy Policy. You should also take into account that when you create an account on our website you accept all the terms and conditions. And Privacy Policy is also included. You can always contact our Support Service Team to know about the information provided to you. You can also confirm the accuracy of this information via the Support Service. If you will require we can also update it. And of course, you can contact the Support Service if you have a complaint about the use of your personal data!