Responsible Gaming

Protection of minors  

Minors under 18 years old are not allowed to use the Bilbet website or any of its services. Bilbet can request information from players to verify their age and in case of suspicion suspend the player’s account until the information which confirms the age of majority is provided.

For minors to prevent entry into the site as part of parental control or to enable self-exclusion, Bilbet recommends installing a reputable filtering system for parents or guardians, such as, or any other alternative, such as

Gambling Addiction  

Gambling is a socially acceptable form of activity and is considered a harmless pastime in many cases. However, as the legalization of gambling continues to spread, some problems are associated with gambling, and they are of great concern to those users who are most susceptible on the public health side. Bilbet excludes the use of and does not accept players, including not doing business with individuals who develop addictions or suffer from gambling, and have disorders that are related to gambling. 

Bilbet’s responsible gambling policy, thanks to its internal system, serves as the basis for identifying risky user behavior. The system has a list of customers who suffer losses repeatedly and continuously and who face possible mental health or financial risks as well as behave abusively when communicating with Bilbet staff and/or are highly upset. These individuals will be contacted by customer service to assess the situation and discuss the introduction of a self-exclusion and/or self-restriction option. 

The aforementioned players are reminded of effective limit-setting tools such as deposit limit, spending limit, and session time limit, and are allowed to personalize the approach to limit setting. Those prone to negative behavior, showing signs of mental illness, or experiencing changes in personal circumstances are encouraged to have a 1-day to 6-week time-out to temporarily cool down.


Gambling addiction can be a real problem for gamblers, and it is recommended that they take a test to assess their level of gambling involvement. 

It is also recommended to visit for additional testing and more information about in-person meetings around the world and virtual ones.  

Here are recommended personal gambling control tips:

  • Do not borrow money just to gamble;
  • It is advisable to allocate a certain loss budget before playing and not to exceed it;
  • Use self-limiting tools;
  • Keep in mind the idea that this is a game and not something more;
  • Take regular breaks or alternate gambling with other activities; 
  • When feeling unwell, do not force yourself to gamble, or when anxious or stressed.


The user can not stop when the game becomes a daily obsession and ceases to be enjoyable. At this point, the operator recommends making a voluntary self-exclusion option. 

It is recommended to contact the Bilbet support team by e-mail or chat and inform them of your wish to stop using the services and the website for a certain period and to stop receiving promotional or marketing materials from the operator or other persons.

A mental health professional is recommended at this stage to get the gambling habit under control or contact one of the help centers offering advice and support, such as Gambling Anonymous at if you have gambling problems. Therapy can be found at 

The Operator’s inability to create a new account means self-exclusion and gambling or betting on a pre-existing account and/or funding.

Operator Actions 

The Operator reserves the right to exclude a player. To do so, it is necessary to communicate indiscriminately, show excessive gambling addiction, and show signs of mental illness according to the recommendations of the Customer Service and evaluation.  

Bilbet can deny the request for reactivation or close the player’s account to ensure his safety. Gambling problems need to be addressed immediately and customer service will assist with any questions or problems that may arise.