BilBet General Terms

By registering on the Site, the Customer agrees to receive emails from the Company, including advertising messages, phone calls, and SMS messages. 

To register on the Site, the Customer must provide an email address and password, select an Account currency, and accept this Agreement. 

The Customer now certifies that they are of legal age and capacity to do so and that they have read and agreed to all terms of this Agreement. 

Verification usually takes place within 10 (ten) working days after all documents requested by the Company have been supplied; however, this duration may be extended up to 30 (thirty) working days. 

Upon clicking the “Make a deposit” button, the Customer affirms that they are legally capable, possess ownership of any credit card used for topping up their Account, agree with their payment when clicking the “Top up” button, and are aware of all conditions set out herein.

The Company and the Provider of the Payment system shall not be held liable for the refusal to execute a transaction due to a lack of permission from the issuing bank to make a payment using the Customer’s bank card. 

Placing bets is only permitted by individuals who have reached 18 years of age or are of legal majority in their state, should they be over 18 years old, and agree to abide by the Betting Rules of the bookmaker. The customer shall be solely responsible for any breach or violation of this regulation.

It is prohibited for any person under 18 years of age at the time of placement, individuals involved in events betted on (e.g., athletes, coaches, referees, club owners, or board members), persons connected with other bookmakers or any individual forbidden from formalizing contracts with bookmakers to place bets.

The usage of the Website (including any or all products offered thereon) may be prohibited in certain countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and the Netherlands. The site does not condone or permit its use for any type of illegal sports betting, gambling, or other related activities. 

Even if the Website is accessible in a particular country or jurisdiction, and/or can be displayed in its official language, this should not be taken as authorization to use it for deposits and withdrawals of funds earned by such activities. The availability of the Website does not imply that the Company is encouraging the use of any related services where it is deemed unlawful.

Users are accountable for ascertaining whether your access and/or utilization of the Website is compatible with pertinent laws in their locale and the user promises to the Company that gaming is allowed in the jurisdiction where they reside.

The bookmaker has the authority to reject wagers from customers who do not comply with these Rules. Additionally, the bookmaker preserves the power to refuse any and all bets from a customer if their behavior is considered to be socially inappropriate or against public order. Furthermore, the bookmaker may reserve the right to deny a bet for any reason without providing an explanation.

Upon placing a bet, winnings shall be paid to the bettor within 30 calendar days of the official results of the latest event being published. 

The bettor should verify that the winnings are accurate. In case of any discrepancies, they must notify the bookmaker as soon as possible with their account number, date and time, event, selection, stake, and odds and explain their disagreement. 

Any claim concerning winnings must be filed within 10 days and accompanied by relevant documents that can prove such a complaint. 

If there is not sufficient evidence to support the claim then it will be refunded without examination. 

For Cyber-Live game claims regarding bet calculation, these should be submitted within 72 hours from the end of such a game. 

A Customer’s wager shall be deemed won only if all outcomes listed on the said ticket have been accurately predicted.

In cases of technical failures or unfinished streams, refunds on Esports Live bets are only granted if the corresponding event does not occur or bets have not been settled. 

If a member of staff makes a mistake while accepting a bet (such as typos on the list of events, inconsistencies in betting odds across markets, etc.) or if the bet is accepted in violation of these Rules, or any other indication that the bet is incorrect, then the bookmaker reserves the right to declare such bets void. Refunds for such bets will be at odds of 1. 

In the event of suspicions of unsportsmanlike play in matches, the Company reserves the right to block bets on a sporting event before its final conclusion by an international organization and declare those bets invalid if evidence of such unsportsmanlike play is found. Payments for these bets will be made with odds set at “1”. The Administration is under no obligation to provide any evidence or conclusions related thereto to its customers.

Bilbet is dedicated to promoting fair play in sports and is well aware that manipulating sporting events (and other activities) can lead to engaging in criminal offenses (conspiracy to fix matches, corruption, etc.) as well as organized crime or transnational and cross-border illicit activities. As such, Bilbet fully adheres to the objectives of the “Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions” (CETS No.215) and relevant legal clauses.

No customer who is already registered with the Betting Company can be re-registered as a new customer (using a different name, email address, etc.). 

In the event of any attempts at duplicate registration, submission of false or altered documents, repeated violations of the Betting Company’s Terms and Conditions, doubts about customer identity or provided information (e.g. address/credit card details), or any form of fraud committed by yourself or another person acting in collusion with the user (including but not limited to refund/rake fraud or use of stolen payment method as a source of funds), the Company reserve the right to restrict access to your account and refuse further services if such activities are considered illegal in any applicable jurisdiction.